1. feeling less frazzled today….thanks to all for the good wishes. 

2. Much love to teri and Naomi for dinner last night….amazing how much something like that can help!

3. Yesterday I ran to the store while Leo vaccuumed all the upholstered furniture and rugs, and Owen cleaned up the kitchen. then Owen and I gave baths to all four cats. as you might imagine…it was quite interesting. we had pegged annie to be the worst, then hattie, than bob, than rascal. when it came right down to it, bob almost killed us…good god that cat is strong, then annie, then hattie and then rascal. I think Hattie and annie tied for most pathetic although bob started panting which was kind of heartbreaking. we did get a fair number of fleas off them…hopefully between the medication, this and lots of vacuuming we will get rid of them….well, that and cold weather….



4. ernie seems a little bit more like himself…despite the slightly drugged up vagueness….we actually made it out to the farmers market today. saw our beloved neighbors rob and Linda and company….Linda looks stunning with her new short hair….almost makes me wistful for my short hair of old…but not quite….

5. I bought way too many vegetables…but given that Ive missed a couple of sola gratia boxes between being sick and ernies surgery…and having to dump some from the refrigerator….we are somewhat vegetabless. Lets just hope they last until a. we eat them, or b. the refrigerator gets fixed.

6. speaking of the refrigerator….yesterday they called and said the part was in…..but they couldnt come til next thursday. I whined but they held firm. I hung up and sat there and then got back on the phone and complained and complained and complained until we got moved up to tuesday. I dream of having refrigeration again….


7. rascal seemed a bit exhausted by his bath….but evidently he forgave his beloved Owen….


8. and last but not least…..we have so many cherry tomatoes that Ive given up on slicing them or adding anything….I just throw them in a pan at around 320 and roast them for a few hours til theyre like tangy little raisins…



5 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I’m catching up on blog posts. (As always, I’m a bit behind…) But I get to offer a suggestion this time! (You know you need to make some changes when simply offering a suggestion makes you feel soooooo helpful!) Anyway, do you slice your cherry tomatoes between two plastic lids? It makes the chore go a lot quicker!