O.k….folks…I have decided that we will also accept Mabel's calendars as well as ticket stubs….let's see what you have! Remember…a free pair of tickets to whomever posts a picture of the most Mabel's tickets, calendars, or a combination thereof….

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Mabel's Night is almost upon us. This Saturday, Brothers Bar & Grill, site of the late lamented Mabel's, will host a gathering of just a few of the bands and folks from the heyday of Mabel's. Bands appearing are Last Gentlemen, Nix 86, the Martyrs, Three Hour Tour (Darren Cooper), the Jans Project (B Lovers/Turning Curious), the Surly Bells (Ken Draznick, Jimmy Wald of Vertebrats & special guests) and a dj set by Charlie "The Quaker" Edwards (Record Swap, The Quaker Goes Deaf, Reckless Records) between bands.

I know. I KNOW!

Needless to say we are looking forward to it with almost ridiculous fervor. The only sad spot is that A. it's not ALL the Vertebrats, and B. kids under 19 aren't allowed in even with parents. Three quarters of our family are very sad about that last one. Sigh. (anybody need a roadie?). Regardless….I am so looking forward to seeing people, hearing music, and just feeling the space. I haven't stepped foot in Brothers since it opened, not sure what to expect. I think the last time I stepped foot in Mabel's was sometime in the 90's to see Strutter, the Kiss cover band. I believe that was the night our cat Harlan showed up on our doorstep. A long, long time ago…a life far away, huh?

A hell of a lot of memories are in that place. Even after it closed every time I looked up at the windows I somehow could see the old windows angled open with the sound of Vertebrats sound check coming out (I always got there early as I had a fake ID and they tended to be looser if you got there early…don't know why but that's how it was). I can still feel the sense of urgency, rushing to get there….

So now, in honor of all that free floating emotion about the place, the Sandwich Life has been honored by our erstwhile promoter Mr. Isberg, with a MABEL'S NIGHT TICKET GIVEAWAY!

Whoever can post a picture of the MOST Mabel's ticket stubs in the Mabel's Night Facebook event page, along with a nod to The Sandwich Life, will win a PAIR OF MABEL'S NIGHT TICKETS!

Let's see what you got folks…..