January seems to drone on. The weather cycling from subzero to spring keeps one off balance, and despite some of the warm days, I have been in strict home mode. We're almost through our whole winter's supply of firewood.  We'll have to splurge on more as I seem to be somewhat addicted to having a fire in the fireplace of late. Work, home, sometimes a doctor's appointment, sometime a stop at Fries and Peanuts, that's the rhythm of winter days I guess. I'd wanted to get to Nashville over break or sometime this month but it doesn't look like that will happen. Cyril's a bit under the weather so no pictures of him to delight me. When I leave work now however, it is once again light so the earth is still moving along, and the seed catalogues are arriving in the mail. Sometimes I feel as though I am standing apart from it all, watching life speed along.


Glad to see that the fire wasn't worse at the church at University and State last night, I hope the damage isn't too great. The Burnham Mansion sits like a lump in the bottom of my stomach. I'm afraid to be hopeful, so I try to keep it buried and not think about it. I've always been good at denial. Despite trying to not think about it, I am glad to see the School of Architecture at Illinois finally making a statement about it on Facebook, at the very least:

Did you know that the Burnham Mansion, the notable Champaign, IL monument designed by famed Chicago architects Daniel H. Burnham (the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition campus, the Flatiron Building in New York, Washington D.C.'s Union Station) and John Wellborn Root, is one of only *10* remaining Burnham and Root-designed homes in the U.S.!

It also also represents the architectural patronage of one of Champaign’s most prominent historical families, Albert and Julia Burnham (no relation to the architect).

However, the Burnham Mansion, now owned by Champaign School District Unit 4, is slated for *demolition* ahead of the much-needed renovation and expansion of Champaign’s Central High School (specifically, the Burnham Mansion’s lot will be used for flat-top parking). It must be possible to both preserve the Burnham AND have a modern, innovative space for Central. 11,000 people, including architect Daniel Liebeskind, have signed a petition to the School Board asking them to find a way to save the Burnham Mansion and other historic Champaign homes while still advancing the needs of Champaign’s students.

Read more about the Burnham Mansion and efforts to preserve the building (and others nearby) >>>>>>>> https://saveburnham.weebly.com/. The plans for the school renovations, by Perkins + Will and IGW can be seen here: http://referendumprojects.champaignschools.org/…/20180108_B…