1. Man. My shoulders are so knotted up with tension that today when I took a shower the water actually hurt. I need to get ahold of this. Long week. Hard week. 

Good parts of the week?

2. Well, yesterday I fell asleep in front of the tv. I never do this, I somehow normally have the I'm-sleepy-so-I-go-to-bed gene. My husband does NOT have that gene and falls asleep in front of the tv all the time, and for some reason it makes me crazy. Sometimes I'll already be in bed and I ask the boys to go wake him up and make him come to bed. Yesterday, I had already forced him up to go up to bed, but I wanted to watch the skating. I tried, I really did. Owen came walking through and stuck his head in the media room, and said, "Are you SLEEPING? Oh my god, NEVER in my SIXTEEN years have I seen this!" He was delighted. It's so nice when you can make your kids happy.

3. Leo got over 10 inches of his hair cut off. I knew he wanted a trim but I was shocked when I came home! My beautiful boy. He even let me take a picture! A smile would have been asking too much of course.

4. Owen cooked the rest of the chicken he and I made (chicken tanarasak) and he was so smart…totally avoided the problems we had. He cut the pieces smaller, controlled the heat better, and deglazed the pan with white wine…all his idea. I'm pretty impressed with him. I'm easy of course. It had garlic and onion so I couldn't eat it, but I took a tiny bite and it was absolutely perfect. My sweet pea.


5. Space is going fast, fast, fast for Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert. If you plan to come please message me or email me. I need numbers!

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