Yes, the cheese popcorn is gone, but I think I will make it without reinforcements. I did share the very last of it with Rascal. I've decided that since I slept like SHIT last night, I still have a runny nose and cough, and it's Monday tomorrow….I will just not think about the tax bill today. I'll think about that tomorrow, thank you very much Scarlet O'Hara….

Our house stinks a bit from the after effects of the flooded basement. Oh yeah, did I mention that our basement flooded during this wretched week? Not a surprise of course….there was standing water in some of the yards around us. Ernie thought he had everything off the floor in the basement but Owen came up and reported the other day. He said, "Dad, it looks like a pile of your Hit Paraders fell over and are in the water, and a box with cards about your Dad's funeral." Ernie's response? "MY HIT PARADERS???" That's my boy….

Now a couple of pictures for you.

1. Things are popping up in the front yard…daffodils and the little cabbage-y looking bits of the sedum poking through. The best part though? The blooms of my hellebore shining through…so appropriately known also as the LentenRose…. Of course the Creeping Charlie is raring to go too, but at least it's green….


2. Leo is getting more vinyl than anybody these days….


3. Ernie speaking to his minions….


4. Bob is so good at finding spots of sun…it's been a while since he could….some blue skies for him today though…he deserves it.


Now PLEASE let the rest of Sunday go slowwwwwly…