1. I am feeling better…in that restless state inbetween feeling energetic enough to do things and still feeling like you want to stay home and rest more. Basically, that means nothing makes me happy. Well, except the sun and the fact that I am finally feeling more like myself. I'll try to keep it in perspective.

I kind of wish that a patch of sun would make me as happy as it makes Bob…


2. This helps though.


3. In other notes, these words were recently spoken in my household:

"Would you buy me an electric sitar?

and, a personal, uh, favorite:

"There was a test in PE but I didn't notice."


4. Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert next Saturday. I am so, so ready and needing this. I can't wait. We are technically sold out, but no doubt a few spots will open up so please yell if you'd like to be on the waiting list.