I am alive, albeit quiet over here. I've been home all week trying to get over this illness for once and for all. I have been sleeping a crazy amount of time but it seems to be helping. Owen finished his driver's ed driving sessions on Wednesday, so on Thursday, immediately after school, he and Ernie raced over to the DMV. They were back just a few minutes later, saying they were too backed up to take him that day. Great sadness hung over the land. Ernie was kind and told him he could go in late to school today and they'd go first thing this morning. Sure enough, I got a text with this picture this morning:

IMG_8009 2
We watched him head off to school and I could feel just a twinge of the freedom he must be feeling. Lately life has weighed a bit heavy on me, being sick, stress about work, money worries, and now my body, after being told it was in menopause for ten years, has decided to start having periods again, so on top of all that, my hormones are fucked, and it has all worn me down a bit. Despite that all, and despite knowing how damn hard it is to be sixteen, I felt a teeny bit of excitement and jealousy as he drove off. I love him so much and so hard that it almost hurts to sense a little bit of what he is feeling, and to feel the thrill of that handful of freedom he grabbed hold of as he puttered off.

Go Owen, go.


One thought on “Go Owen

  1. I was working Friday morning at my client’s place on University, and I saw Owen go by! Only at the time I thought it was Ernie…until I read this!
    Go Owen go!