Owen texted me at work yesterday around 4:00. He said, "hey ma, how are you gal?" I smiled and we went back and forth for a moment, then he wrote, "I was wondering by the way," and I thought, oh, here it comes. But then he wrote, "I may be a minute late, but can I pick you up and maybe we could go out for a drink after work? I have enough funds for one glass of wine." I, of course, enthusiastically agreed. Sure enough, at 5:00, Cyril showed up in the drive. It just put me in the best mood. As he drove us down the service drive to the parking lot, we saw Ernie waiting there in the Honda with a puzzled look. "I thought you told him" "No, I thought YOU would tell him." We pulled up laughing, so we felt like we should invite him along." Then on the way to Fries and Peanuts I texted Leo, asking him if he wanted to join us. Sure enough he did, so Ernie went and got him and Owen and I went in and claimed a table. We were all four in a good mood and laughed and laughed. They got antsy and left together while Ernie and finished our drink.I even coerced them into a picture. They refused and refused so I threatened to get someone else to take it. They thought that was much worse so they acquiesced, grudgingly.

My sweet peas.


 I didn't notice until just now, that Ernie and Owen had traded their lemonade and beer for the picture….