Yesterday evening, Owen got home, and after inquiring about my latest health status, said, "I don't know Cynthia, I mean, if you were a horse, we'd be talking glue." Normally I would laugh but I couldn't help it, my eyes filled up. The poor thing was aghast, exclaiming he was only joking. I told him I knew that and I wasn't upset with him, I was just in a mood.

Last Saturday I had another dizzy episode and passed out. I was coming into the house after sitting in the yard. I stood up from the table, but by the time I got to the front steps, I paused and told Ernie I was feeling dizzy. I handed him my laptop and that's the last thing I remember. Luckily the back of my head hit the grass, not the sidewalk. I managed to pee all over myself before I came to. I was still dizzy so I laid there a while until the buzzing and grayness went away and then Leo and Ernie helped me up. I went on with my evening and but felt a bit out of it for a bit. My doctor has since made Ernie and I promise that if it happens again, we call 911. 

I've been getting dizzy sometimes lately. You know when you stand up too quickly and get dizzy? Well, that but more often, and sometimes rather intense. So now I have a round of tests and procedures and appointments. I've been staying home as I'm still not feeling well. So, if I seem a tad quiet here, that is what's going on.

It feels odd to be the one getting tests and the like. I've always been the caretaker. I mean, granted, I seem to pick up every virus that comes down the pike, and I have the spinal stenosis stuff, but otherwise, I've been good. Well, hell, I guess last year I did spend most of it trying to figure out what was going on with my stomach, ulcer, etc. Ok, I guess this is a process. A new stage in life that I didn't want? Regardless, it feels odd. 

I've spent much of the week mindlessly reading garbage on Facebook…all those links you don't want to admit you click on…that, sleeping, or laying on the couch watching Vera. The accents are so thick that half the time I can't understand what the hell they are saying. I'm constantly saying to Ernie, "what did they say?" but it somehow feels perfect for me…the scenery, the pace, the lighting. I find it comforting.




3 thoughts on “Glue

  1. How scary that you fainted, Cynthia. I have a history of this and so does E. I know for me that *all kinds of things* can cause an episode — including (for me) too much pollen and too much of a histamine reaction to it. I’m glad you’re getting it checked out, and I’m sorry for the extra worry such tests and appointments put on you. I love that Owen calls you Cynthia. Does Leo? I send you love. I want to watch Vera now.

  2. Hope they get some answers for you. There is TOO MUCH to choose from when it comes to good TV, so I am going to at least check on Vera. Hope they have subtitles. I need them even with midWestern English.

  3. Wow sorry to learn about the dizzy spells. That has to be very un-nerving.
    Hope you get it all figured out sooner than later! Take good care.