I know the world is busy outside…a really busy weekend in Champaign, but it's quiet in my house, well, at least since Owen left for band practice. Lord that child will be the death of me. BIG conversation about grades this week. He looked and me and calmly said, "I just don't care." And I said something to the effect of, "I DON'T CARE THAT YOU DON'T CARE." Brilliant parenting, huh? An email from a teacher said he was always nice and agreeable but didn't follow through. I just shook my head and thought, "welcome to my world." Owen saw it as a positive, "Look, she says I'm nice and agreeable!" I just glared at him. Then he and Ernie dragged out some old camcorders from the basement and we found a tape of the boys running around outside when they were somewhere around 1 and 3 years old. So different and so much the same.

This little sandbox video might actually be from the day that they kept arguing over the sandbox and I finally, in my great parenting wisdom, said, "Now look, this half of the sandbox is for Owen, this half is for Leo." I went back in the house and came out later to find Owen in distress because Leo had scooped all the sand into his side of the sandbox. As he reasonably pointed out, I had told him to share the sandbox, not the sand. Ah, my sweet peas.

Picked up on Sunday

I slept late today, late enough that I feel I lost some of the day, but I seem to be needing lots of sleep. I am feeling better, less dizzy, fewer headaches. More tests and appointments this week, but I will head back to work tomorrow. Today, another quiet day. I was sorry to miss John Prine last night, and my beloved Fats Kaplin, but happy Ernie and Owen got to go, and Owen's friend and bandmate David/Guthrie. I wish I could have seen John Prine dancing around his guitar, but that's o.k., I have it in my head now.

Two of my favorite boys, they even share a birthdate.



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