1. We drove past a church the other day, and on its electronic sign it said, "Visit our Website, Christ is Risen." I laughed for blocks and blocks. I don't think Ernie was quite as amused as I was, but good God I thought that was funny.

2. Ernie and I were chatting last night. He was saying something about photography but my mind wandered, so when he said, "You have to find a source of light," I jumped in and said, "Oh, you really DO!" He looked puzzled at my enthusiasm until I explained I thought he was talking about life in general. I guess it works for both.

3. The other day Owen and I were driving in Cyril, and Shake Some Action came on. He looked at me seriously and said, "I think I've listened to this song more times than I've peed." I wasn't entirely sure how to respond.

4. So we got tickets for Leo to go see a band he likes. Ernie was going to take him but it's all ages and now Owen kind of wants to go with him. I'm torn. I sat and looked at the website for the place and they serve food, including aioli on some things. Somehow the aioli made me feel better. It's can't be too terrible if they serve aioli, right? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

5. And…tree peony buds…looking like a little sea creature….