1. The other day Owen said, "I'm not really a rebellious teenager, I'm just going through the motions." This morning, however, I found that hard to believe. Love starting the day like that when you're already not looking forward to what it holds.

2. Remember my complaints about Hattie stinking? Welllll, $285 later it appears she had an infected anal gland. Guh. I mean, she's our girl, so we'll find the money but ugh. She also has lost a good bit of weight. We are hoping it's just a result of her feeling so bad. We'll take her back in a few weeks to see if she has gained any of it back. Think good thoughts for my Hattie girl. She's the only other female in the house.

3. Remember the salmon poached in olive oil that I said was, 'eh?' Well, I'm eating the leftovers for lunch as I write and good god it's wonderful, with leftover kale drizzled with the salmony olive oil. I take my 'eh' back.

4. It appears that some of my dearest friends may be leaving town and I must admit to a fair amount of tears last night.

5. Real jellybeans in my Bull's Eye with Fleur de Lys compote. Nothing says the holidays like flint glass.







2 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Good thoughts for Ms. Hattie.
    The jellybeans look beautiful in your compote, but they would not be safe from me. Like President Reagan, I luvs jelly beans. I think I love them more than he did. He at least was able to keep a jar of them on his desk in the Oval Office. I luvs peeps, too, but may boycott them since the peeps company is being less than sweet to their new hires. No pensions for them.