Ahhh. I have the day off (except that I have to pick somebody up at the airport for work tonight). I have to do a bit of work…but I'll do it here at home, and I work tomorrow and Saturday, so I am savoring being home right now. The windows are open and the air is soft. Last night when I got home from work I wandered around the yard looking at things popping up or blooming. Ernie and I settled in at the table in the front yard with a drink. I made both boys come out and talk for a bit. It felt so good. In winter my happy place is inside with a fire in the fireplace, preferably with snow coming down. Once spring hits though, my happy place is sitting in the yard with my husband, iced tea or a glass of wine, a cooking magazine or a book on the laptop. It felt good.

I made salmon quinoa fritters, with some broccoli, for dinner, and Ernie and I curled up and watched Detectorists. All my friends were right….I just had to give it another chance and now I love it….but we only have one season left! Then we sat and sleepily watched the news and the Colbert show….and we MADE it to the end….because John Prine was on, with our beloved Fats Kaplin playing with him. I will admit it was a little hazy in my mind this morning….but I have documentation that we actually stayed up that late! Look:

IMG_3337 2

Oh, and with Brandi Carlisle and Sturgill Simpson, as well as Fats.

The song is SO John Prine. Beautiful and simple, yet not, and heartbreaking.

That ol' Easter egg ain't got a leg to stand on.


The moon and stars hang out in bars just talking

Can't wait, wait, wait to see him in a few weeks at the Virginia.