I'm sitting here looking at video that Leo took of Owen's band, the Taxi Boys, last night. The Garage Party at our beloved Sue's house was the best thing anybody could have prescribed for me. 

Just perfect.

This picture captures it so well (thanks Carrie). Sue's house is ridiculously cute, one of the best porches ever, the whole street is cute, in fact, and the garage was perfect for the band. I scored a close spot on the couch and didn't move much. The guys were great….I can't write too much about it because I am so outrageously biased, but I was proud of them all, and it was lovely to see so many friends. It was hot, but somehow it cooled off enough to be lovely.

33596110_2044966375517813_8747404517026299904_n 2

At one point, it had gotten dark, the band was singing the Groovie's Shake Some Action, somebody shot fireworks off across the street, and some moths flew in the light in front of the garage, all at the same time, and it felt like magic.

Thank you Sue. The Blackwelder/Voelkl/Taxi Boys Clan owe you something good.

Right now, Owen and Ernie are in the kitchen, listening to Tom Petty, and making bread. Leo just went back upstairs after talking about the evening and the video with me. We are sealed in our air conditioned house (oh man, we are lucky), with not much on the agenda. I'm feeling ok and I'm going to try to hold on to the feeling last night gave me. Life can be damned complicated, but its essence is good.