Hello. I am still here. I know I've been quiet, and I know that makes some people worry, but I am fine. I am still a bit under the weather and taking some time off work to see doctors, get tests, etc. done and try to figure it all out. I am ok though, not 100%, but whatever percent it takes to move forward. We've decided to move ahead with our house concert this coming Saturday because it will be better for me than anything else.

Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan will do me good, and I think they will do everyone good. This is a definite not-to-miss show. When I first mentioned this show to Heather, she mused, in that very Heather way, "Brock and Blair. Such soap opera names." So indeed, we now refer them to them as the soap opera boys. They will be fantastic. I guarantee.

For potluck, bring something if you like, but don't worry about it. BYOB of course (except iced tea and coffee). I've got a big hunk of pork shoulder in the freezer and will doing something with it…I'm looking at a recipe for lemon-soy-honey glazed pork shoulder…and maybe a big salad of some sort. Same drill as always….potluck at 6:00 on Saturday, May 12, 2018, music to follow. $20 donation to the artists, Bill Poss will open and we'll have a tip jar for him.

VERY MUCH hope to see you! Yell if you have any questions, and please let others know about this…hoping for a good crowd. Please email me and let me know you're coming if you haven't yet.