1. My new routine is to get up, do my exercises for my dizziness, and then get ready for the day. Today, I was bleary, so I thought I'd just sit down for awhile first. Big mistake, because all of a sudden it was time to go. I thought, 'eh, I'm feeling pretty good.' Bigger mistake. Stupid Cynthia. I was fine for much of the morning but by noon I was super dizzy. I had Ernie bring me straight home so I could do my stuff. It helped enough. Tomorrow? Exercises first thing.

2. File this under Sweet, Sweet Victory (that just made me think of Sponge Bob's Band Geeks episode). Anyway, Leo watches little, to no, tv. Yesterday evening though, he was trying to be nice to me. I told him I was too tired to think I just wanted to watch a little tv. And I hopefully said, as I often do, "Do you want to watch with us?" He smiled at me and said sure. WOW! So we curled up and watched an episode of my new favorite Netflix show, Dreamland. He laughed as he watched it, and when it was over I suggested another and he shrugged, and again said, 'sure!' VICTORY! I find this show to be laugh out loud funny, and I'm not normally the laugh out loud at tv kind of girl, but I make exceptions when necessary. Recommended. 


3. I've had so many doctor appointments in the last few weeks. The other day as I was waiting for Ernie to get the car I kept thinking about my parents. I finally realized it was because it felt like those last years with them….appointment after appointment. Remember the time the person at the parking garage assumed I worked there because he saw me so often? Heh. I've had some good appointments though. The other day I had a doctor spend so much time with me, describing options. I so appreciate those that do that. I know they're under pressure to get through folks quickly, so to have someone sit down and spend time with me, without making me feel rushed, is really comforting, and appreciated.

4. On a less positive note, those co-pays really add up when you're going to the doctor constantly!

5. A quiet weekend I think. Lots to do around the house, and I need to start spreading the word about Adam and Chris Carroll. NEXT SATURDAY! They are amazing, funny, talented folks…we love them dearly….put it on your calendar!