Last night I sent Ernie out to get oregano and dill from the yard. He stripped the leaves off the stems, ending up with about two cups. I chopped them roughly and put them in the food processor with a slurp of olive oil and a dash of salt and whirred them until they were almost pureed and you could smell them throughout the kitchen. We'd thawed some salmon from the freezer and sauteed it simply, skin side down, so it got a bit crispy. I pulled the skin off easily and chopped it into small pieces and sauteed it until it was crispy all over. I shredded the salmon, and Ernie made some rice while I sauteed some zucchini and cherry tomatos. We tossed it all together in a bowl and sprinkled the bits of crispy skin on top.

Summer cooking.


Not the prettiest thing, but the leftovers made a delightful lunch.

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