I wanted to write about what a lovely birthday I had, and everyone who made it so. The word 'thanks' doesn't seem right, however. It's the  word 'grace' that kept coming to my mind. Perhaps I feel graced by the love of my friends, I don't know, but I felt grace. 2018 won't go down as one of my favorite years, certainly not one of the worst, but our life has been riding over bumpy roads of late, and I don't think I realized how much I needed a dose of kindness, until I got it.

My boys knocked it out of the park. Owen showed up at work mid day with flowers for me, since he was going to be at work when I got home, and wouldn't otherwise see me on my birthday. Then I got home and found that Leo (and Ernie) had done a bunch of projects around the house that I had wanted done. I felt incredibly loved. Add that to flowers and wine from friends, a stunning card from Eva, a long phone call from my sister, and messages from all over…it filled me up. I thank you all.

I decided to postpone my birthday dinner as I wanted all of us there, so we will celebrate that tonight. Ernie and I curled up, ordered Chinese, and buried ourselves in some tv watching. Later, Ernie tossed me a fortune cookie.

Look at it.

Just look at it.