1. Last night Ernie picked me up from work and took me to Black Dog for a drink. We sat at the bar and watched Owen work. He is so patient with us. He just gives us a smirk that is part embarrassed and part pleased. He stopped by a few times. At one point he had one hand on his father's shoulder, one hand on mine. I don't recall what we were talking about exactly, but I said, "Well, you're more like him than you are me." To which he replied, "Yeah, but I have you in me too. You're like the undercarriage, not seen, but just as important." I am the undercarriage. Lord, but I love that boy.

2. I got my eyes checked and, even though it's been barely two years, the doctor said he could probably give me any prescription and it would be better than the one I have. He also told me not to go cheap on the lenses, but sigh….last time I went to Lenscrafters it was several hundred dollars. Ugh. I have asked Owen to sit and look at choices on Zenni with me. I trust his judgement. He also told me the reason my eyelashes have almost melted away is not because I rub my eyes all the time, but because of the inflammation in my body. The inflammation nobody can seem to figure out. Who knew. Eyelashes!

3. I've been doing a horrid job cooking. I just don't seem to have it in me of late. We ate a lot of leftovers this week and ordered pizza one night. Last night however? Good God in heaven we had a lovely meal. I did the Alison Roman recipe for slow roasted salmon in oil. I used vegetable oil, because I didn't have enough olive oil. We grabbed some herbs from the garden, lots of basil, a bit of rosemary and thyme, and parsley. The tarragon seems to have gone missing. Oh well. I threw the herbs on before putting it in, and used lime slices, because that's what we had. It was heavenly. We had some lovely salad greens from Farmer Greg and I just made a simple vinaigrette of walnut oil, sherry vinegar, a bit of Dijon, and salt. Now we have lots of herby, salmony flavored oil to use on other things too. This recipe is pretty much fool proof. The first time I used it I wasn't wowed…until I had the leftovers. Now I love it and it couldn't be simpler.


4. Waking up to a grey summer Saturday morning and then a thunderstorm pretty much guarantees my happiness receptors going off. Oh man…now there's a train whistle. How much better could this get? I'm so content that I'm not even feeling like I need to get up and straighten that lampshade.

5. My dizziness continues to recede. I still have some waves of it, but it is much better. More appointments this week. I remain pretty damn exhausted, despite the B12 shots every two weeks, but overall better, so I can't complain.

6. In HUGE news in Leo's world, there is a Pendulum DJ set in Minneapolis, and it's an 18+ club. This is VERY exciting news…and so a trip to Minneapolis is being planned.

7. Oh, and look what my friend Ella brought back from Canada!!! 

IMG_9610 2
Well, this has been a long list of random notes. I've been too tired to post all week so have stored them up. Hope everybody is well.