I'm off work for a few days as we're having work done on the office. Yesterday I had to go to the Union for a session. Man, I still love the Union. Ernie insisted on walking me in and up to my meeting which I couldn't figure out until I realized he was worrying about me being wobbly. Lord but I love him. And sure enough, there he was when I was finished. We ran over to Carle so I could get some blood work done, and then since I STILL hadn't gotten my little questionnaire…we just stormed the dizzy clinic, got one, filled it out. Lots of questions and family history. I had to email my sister for the name of my father's ear/brain tumor because I never remember. It's so strange to have only one person left to question about childhood memories. Anyway, I finally have an appointment! Not for two weeks, but it's something.

The rest of the day was quiet as Ernie hung out with Owen as he worked on Cyril, and then went out with Leo. I went through about five books before finding one I can seem to follow. I fought to keep myself from napping despite how exhausted I felt. Later we made my belated birthday dinner. Harvest Market had haddock on sale cheap…and I love haddock! I tried to recreate an appetizer I had made in Maine one year. I should have seasoned the gluten free flour more aggressively with curry and cayenne, but it was still quite delightful. The gluten free flour gives it a really like crispy crust…I actually like it more than regular flour.

Curried fried haddock, with rice, orange marmalade-dijon aioli, and heirloom tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers. Pretty damn great if I say so myself. It would have nice if we'd had the energy to grab a few fresh herbs from the yard for the top, but it was late.