I'm listening to Owen and Ernie loudly singing along to the Mavericks' All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down in the kitchen. Leo will probably be home for lunch in a while. Rascal has wrapped himself up in his favorite blanket. Bob is asleep upstairs. Hattie, who is feeling much better, is meandering through the house. All is good.


Our sunflowers are finally blooming.


The rainy evening yesterday was lovely.


I think Owen is officially taller than Ernie.


Toss off dinner that was pretty good. Ground pork and zucchini with sesame oil/fish/sauce/chili oil, over rice. Oh, and some onion. I seem to be tolerating a limited amount of onion again. Praise the onion gods!


Oh, and the Taxi Boys doing the Vertebrats' Left in the Dark. The older we get the tighter the circles grow.