I am still alive, I promise you. Quiet, but alive. I'm still struggling with dizziness, etc., etc., and am once again on medical leave. I tried to push through and do some stuff last weekend, but it just didn't work. I thought sheer will could do it, but I give, my body won. I started seeing a therapist, in order to cope with all the uncertainly and unknown I am feeling. It was hard to do, and I'm a bit nervous, but think it will do me good. Monday, I have a consult with a doctor re: the dizziness, we shall see what they say.

A few good things  have happened however. As always, nothing is all good or all bad.

Ernie and our beloved Jon Byrd. Such beautiful boys.

IMG_9750 2

This is how Owen makes ramen:


Although I've barely been in my yard of late, my zinnias are here, and as always, they make me inordinately happy, even if glimpsed from a window.


And, after eating lots of corn on the cob, I always move to corn fritters. Good god, these were a good batch. Leftover sauteed corn and cherry tomatoes, with basil and grated sharp cheddar, a bit of flour, and an egg. 


It's hydrangea time.


In other news, my beautiful Leo decided it was time to get his  license, so he easily and efficiently did it. That boy. Man, I love him. Everything on his own schedule. Now, he and Ernie are heading off to look at used cars. GULP.