A not so great picture of a lovely dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking but am tired of the lazy eating we've been doing. Ernie had gotten corn and salad greens from the farmers' market. We had some boneless skinless chicken breasts we'd bought for Owen but he hadn't gotten around to cooking them. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are not one of my favorite cuts but that's what we had, so what the hell. I put them into a big ziplock bag and pounded them relatively thin. Well, I started, and then Ernie took over. He said he found it somewhat satisfying. I just coated them in gf flour and put some salt, a lot of pepper, and some Old Bay seasoning on them, and sauteed then in olive oil until they were browned a bit, and done. I made up a vinaigrette with sherry vinegar, orange marmalade, dijon, oil, and a dash of honey to offset the bitterness of the marmalade. The chicken was supposed to be sliced over the dressed greens, but, eh, it was late. That and an ear of corn made for a lovely summer evening. And Owen said the chicken was "spot on" so I was pleased.


More summertime simple cooking:


I don't think I have ever made creamed corn, but I took all the corn off the cob (well, Ernie did), scraped the cobs of any milk, threw it in a pan with a bit of butter, cooked it for a bit, added some sprigs of thyme from the garden, and a dollop of cream. It was heavenly enough that I don't recall what else was on the plate. Nothing beats a simple ear of corn on the cob, but this was delightfully voluptuous.


 Zinnias on the patio, with accents of overgrown grass gone to seed.


If one has to leave a doctor's appointment feeling frustrated, one should definitely have a Lisa Kesler painting say hello to you in the hallway at Carle's South Clinic.


Speaking of which, Lisa has a fantastic opportunity to add a letterpress to her studio….please check it out and support her if you can!