Another Taxi Boys gig in the books on Friday night. I thought it was one of their best shows…they seemed confident and like they were having fun. They were missing numerous strings by the end of the set but they just kept going. So perfect.

Friday Night Live was actually cancelled because of the weather, but they were able to move inside Exile to play. Leo drove us and we stopped at Fries and Peanuts first, saw some friends and had a drink. When we got over to Exile my beloved Teri McCarthy immediately found me a stool to sit on. THANK  YOU. I could not have have stood that long. It was good to see lots of friends. I was really touched that some of them made it out to this.

I was chatting a bit to my friend Nancy, and she was saying good luck keeping this one on track in school this year. We laughed, and then, as we watched, Owen leaned back, tipped his head up, and did a guitar solo. I leaned over and shout-whispered in here ear, "I am SO FUCKED." She laughed in agreement. Lord help me, but man, he's got such passion. I am so proud of him.

I was beyond happy because our beloved Roy Axford, and his son, Noah, were there…so I got to watch Owen sing the Vertebrats' Left In the Dark in front of a Vertebrat. Life is fucking good sometimes. 



I like this picture of Owen because you can see the arched window frame behind him, and a bit of the Lincoln Building beyond that. A very CU picture.


I love this one because you can see the broken string hanging….he just kept playing and still sounded great.


Thanks to Roy Axford for the video, and to Richard Hill for the photos! 

2 thoughts on “Taxi Boys and a Brat: The Circles of Life Tighten Again

  1. I love how fast the boys played Left. It was so powerful and emotional. Good stuff! Still inspires me too.