1. The Taxi Boys will be playing Friday Night Live in downtown Champaign tomorrow evening. They will be performing in front of Exile on Main Street, at 7:00 pm, following the Urbana High A Capello group. Or, as Owen put it on the Taxi Boys Facebook page:

Don’t miss out ladies and gentlemen!
A fun Friday night with A+ Urbana voices and A- rock n roll!
Check your report cards and come say Hi!

I plan to be there. I told Owen I wasn't sure if I could stand for the whole set. Ernie suggested bringing a folding chair. I looked at Owen, and asked him if he'd be embarrassed. He looked at me apologetically, and said, "Well, honestly, yeah." We giggled and I told him I'd figure it out. My sweet pea. 

2. I'm worried about Hattie. I think she's lost more weight and she's having anal gland issues, even though she just went to the vet last week. We're trying to get her to eat some different food, but I am concerned. She the only other female in the house for God's sake. I should close her out of the bedroom at night but I can't bear to. So, we wash the sheets a lot. We just gave her a bath, the poor thing…. Now she is assuaging her hurt feeling by ignoring us, and cleaning herself. That was the plan though, so I'm ok with it.

IMG_0098 2

3. Yesterday, as we walked to the car for an appointment, I admired our sunflowers swaying in the sun. One of the brown sunflowers had two Monarch butterflied on it. Of course they flew off before I could take a picture. Ernie said he'd been watching one on a flower the other day, and while it nibbled away, its wings just very slowly flapped open and closed. He said it looked as though it were purring. And with that…I thought how much I loved my husband….that he could see a butterfly and think it was purring.


I still love to watch him….even if he's doing something like checking in for his oncologist appointment.


Here's the medication wrapper on the floor, as the nurse kneels to give him his injection.


4. Yesterday evening we were watching the last of our latest binge (Succession). I commented on the music at one point, and said, "There's one point in this when it reminds me of…." and he interrupted and said, "The Polar Express." And we laughed because we know each other so freaking well. I enjoyed the show…I think some of the dialogue was a tad overwrought and good GOD how many times can they say 'fuck off.' I realized, after considering this, that it sounded weird to me, because, IF I were to utter such a thing, I would be more apt to go with 'fuck YOU.' 

5. Zinnia season.