I am completely alone right now. Well, me and three cats. This rarely happens for any length of time. Ernie and Leo are out doing errands and driving around for Leo's photography class assignment. Owen is practicing with the band. Hattie is sleeping on the couch. Rascal is sleeping on a chair. Bob is nowhere to be found, but  is no doubt sleeping. I have been obediently reading the Martian Chronicles as Owen really wants me to read it. I pause every so often to look at some recipe ideas for dinner tonight. I'm thinking perhaps a vegetable curry. We have some beautiful eggplants, squash, and more from the farmers' market. I'm sipping iced tea. I'm trying to cut back a bit on caffeine but it's so good. We buy the boxes of mixed Twining's tea, and take one tea bag of each of the four types and mix them.

Last night's dinner was heavenly. We had the smoked pork chops from the Meat Lab, which are wonderful, and easy to just quickly brown in a skillet, but the vegetables won the plate. Amazing summer tomatoes, just sliced and salted ahead of time. I want to say they tasted meaty, but that seems a sad word to give a vegetable. Firm, yet sweet….just damned voluptuous tasting. Summer corn with basil, salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil. This becomes one of my favorite time of year for vegetables. Although the corn is fading out, the tomatoes and peppers, squash and eggplant…it's almost ratatouille weather.


One thought on “Alone

  1. The Meat Lab meat is the best I’ve ever had. It may be the time and place- my dad buying a freezer at Sears downtown, and then driving in his old Chevy down Florida Avenue to buy the side of beef and the amazement of having a whole freezer full of delicious beef or pork. That was a good place and time. Great column. Thanks