1. I'm trying to take my mind off the School Board's callous and selfish destruction of an important piece of architectural history here in Champaign. Important not just in Champaign, but nationally, even internationally. One of few extant examples of a Daniel Burnham designed residence. FOR A PARKING LOT. This one is really, really tough. Utterly shameful. An embarrassment to what is supposed to be an educated city.

IMG_3723 3

Now to my more cheerful notes:

2. I love my friends. Jonathan thoughtfully sent this picture in case Leo wants to dress like a doughnut again. Oh, the doughnut. Such memories.


3. I found a brand of frozen gluten free pizza that seems pretty wholesome in terms of ingredients, and good enough that I actually didn't believe it was gluten free when I first ate one. I made Ernie go get the box and show me! Against the Grain, out of Vermont, and of course I am a pepperoni girl all the way. Anyway, I love it but sometimes I don't think the middle of the crust gets done enough in our oven. So I turned my research abilities to how to make frozen pizza better, and I found an article suggesting you thaw it and then cook it briefly a super high heat, as you would regular pizza. Freaking brilliant. We let it thaw, then baked it about 10 minutes at 500 degrees. Ernie and Owen refuse to follow suit with their pizzas. Fools.

4. I can not WAIT to post some of Leo's photo's from his train chasing weekend in Minneapolis. It looks like he got some great shots. Gotta wait for him to edit and share, but I'm really proud of him, and his work. He also got to meet up with the friend he went to the Pendulum dj set a few weeks back and they saw a show at the Armory by Mat Zo and Aural Self (I think I got that right, if not, just pretend I did). He said it was intense…but intense good. I'm so happy to see him doing so well. And he got a little sunburned, which makes him look beautiful. Yes, you can imagine the eye rolling I get.


5. How do you know that you have the right therapist's office? When it has zinnias, marigolds, and EGGPLANT growing outside the front door.


6. Bob's adoration of Ernie has advanced to the point that he no longer rubs his head on Ernie's hands or legs. Instead he climbs up on the couch and rubs his head directly against Ernie's head. It's slightly embarrassing, although endearing.


Oh well. Onward we go.