Ten years ago: Our first house concert.


I like the fact that Owen is peeking out on the left, and will have his band opening the show this time. Time flies, huh?



Twenty years ago: We move into this house.

This is the oldest picture of the house I could find…from about 15 years ago (hence the baby Owen…and look at cute Ernie!).

03-22-2003   2

Here it is today…time for another paint job says the porch. Oh well!


 Thirty years ago: We married in our Chicago Rogers Park apartment.



10th Anniversary Show with Jason Ringenberg,
Fats Kaplin & Kristi Rose, and the Taxi Boys

Friday, October 19, 2018
Potluck at 6 pm, music to follow
Minimum donation: $40 (all will go to Jason, and Fats & KR)
We'll have a tip jar for the Taxi Boys

PLEASE NOTE: This show may sell out….in order to make a reservation, you MUST pay ahead via PayPal! THIS SHOW ONLY. Please use the 'sending money to family or friend' option, if possible, (to thesandwichlife@gmail.com) so we do not have to pay fees. If you'd like to drop money or check off ahead of time, that is fine, but your reservation won't be final until we have the payment. If you would like to contribute to the general costs of the evening (hotels, etc.), it will be gratefully accepted.

My beloved brother-in-law, Dennis, is generously contributing Popeye's chicken for everybody. I'll also make a fall-ish pork dish for those who don't eat chicken or gluten, and they'll be lots of sides and salads for those who don't eat meat. And there are ALWAYS lots of desserts! BYOB, although we'll have coffee, iced tea, etc. Bring something to share if you like, but it is not required.

And just look at this comment on the listing on Jason's website…awwww!

Note from Jason- this is one of my favorite recurring JR shows. The food, company, and performing environment are wonderful.

We could not love him more, and the same for Fats and Kristi Rose, AND the Taxi Boys. We can't wait! We hope you can join us.



2 thoughts on “10-20-30! CELEBRATE!

  1. wow–I hardly recognized your house–no fence and no garden beds! wow.
    Congrats on all three of these things, but especially 30 years of marriage! ♥
    I like the pictures with toddler Owen & Owen the 6 year old (I think). His hair is longer, but…Owen!
    See you at the show!