I'd poked around in the catalogue for the next Jeffrey S. Evans glass auction that was being held on Saturday. We are in no position to bid at the moment though, so I didn't try to get up early, and when I did get up, Owen lured me to the basement to get help getting my grandmother's sewing machine running. I think that thing is a long way from running though. Eventually I couldn't help myself, so I logged on to watch the action and even registered to bid. Of course I took so long to do that that I missed the piece I wanted. I wept and shrieked and Owen tried to calm me. I said, "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OWEN. THE LAST TIME I SAW ONE OF THOSE WAS 1978!" He commiserated and I acknowledged I couldn't afford it at the moment. He and Ernie and I sat here in the kitchen at the computer watching though. When the giant Argus (Thumbprint) globe compote came up, the three of us huddled around the computer shouting like we were at a horse race. Owen was in total shock at the price, periodically yelling, "That's as much as a 63 VW bug! That's…wait…we could ALL have a 63 VW bug!" It was stunning, and exciting, and I'm pleased for all involved. Gorgeous, gorgeous piece. I've seen a few of these over the years, but never this size I don't think. That's right, $35,000!

UntitledSuch a beautiful boy:


I showed Owen some of the pictures of the tables of glass they had sold on Thursday, and he patted my back, and said, "Your people, they're still out there Mom." God I love that boy.


It was only fitting that, later in the day, I came across an old notebook I got when I was twelve. Inside, in neat little 12 year old writing, I had recorded my purchases of Leaf and Dart, and salt dishes, etc. 

Look, here are some salt dishes. It says Mrs. James Eyre, but it was Jim I bought it from….the beginning of my crush on him.


Then, after finding the joys of Hobbies magazine…my purchases started coming from all over….Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Texas.


Later, when I went to bed, I looked at my dusty book shelf. A few things from the boys, a picture of my mother, and a few of my glass books. It was a pattern glass kind of day.