Thanks to all that sent kind thoughts on our anniversary yesterday. It boggles the mind that we have been married thirty years. I'm almost embarrassed to announce it, except that I am also inordinately proud of the fact that we have been together so long and are still crazy about one another. We are indeed lucky.

We pulled some bay scallops out of the freezer. I picked some sage and was planning something with some gluten free gnocchi. However the evening progressed and that began to sound like work. Instead, I ended up throwing the scallops and some sweet pepper in olive oil, and sauteed until they were barely done. Then Ernie made scrambled eggs and we mixed it all in, and topped it with some chopped basil I found in the refrigerator. On the side was the last of Jason Ringenberg's beautiful cherry tomatoes mixed with avocado, some olive oil, and just salt and pepper. It wasn't what we planned, it wasn't the most gorgeous plate, but it was wonderful, warm and light.

I can't plate for shit unfortunately (God help me, I'm sounding more and more like Owen. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Oh well).


We held off the squirrels with periodic applications of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold (bringing to mind the only phrase I know in French…. plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose) but the squirrels have finally broken through on one of the pumpkins.



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