Ernie continues to make wonderful breakfasts for me. It's not always eggs, but they are one of my favorites, now that I've had to give up peanut butter on a frozen onion bagel. Somedays it's standard, plain, simple, perfectly made scrambled eggs. And yes, they ARE better on a flow blue plate. 

Recently we were chopping up vegetables for one of my ersatz succotashes. Ernie had several red and yellow long thin peppers. He asked if they were spicy and I confidently assured him they weren't. I was thinking of those Italian fry peppers. I was WRONG. It was corn, peppers, and tomatoes with a bit of olive oil and lime juice and it was HOT, HOT, HOT!! After my sputtering, I realized I had inadvertently made a low FODMAP salsa of sorts though. Victory! I had a bit of it leftover, with my eggs the next morning, and it was fabulous. The eggs and corn tamed the heat. Oh, and this is before my new doctor said 'no bacon.'


A day or so later we used the last of my corn/pepper salsa in a rice bowl with ground beef, and sweet potato. It was lovely. There was a bit of the corn/pepper/ground beef/sweet potato mixture left the next morning, so in it went to that day's eggs.

This morning we had some leftover little baby potatoes…a mixture of red, gold, and blue, that we'd cooked for last night's dinner. Ernie cut them up, sauteed them, and into the eggs they went. Good God in heaven…how can something so simple be so damn good?


Onward Eggmaster, Onward.