I went through a stack of very old papers that had gotten tucked away. Most of it went straight into the trash, but then I found this gem. He must have been barely ten.

Dear Dad and Mom,

Good afternoon, it is me Owen. I have wrote this letter saying I am deeply sorry for the "tantrum" this morning. As of now I am hiding somewhere in the back yard. You can come look or just stay there, I do not mind. I hope to make it up to you.


Owen Blackwelder

PS. Dad please meet me at the basketball court and get ready to go somewhere (??). And please just trust me.


I laughed and laughed and laughed. I couldn't even read it to Ernie because I was laughing so hard.

That felt good.

"…I am hiding in the backyard. You can come look for me or stay there, I do not mind." That just kills me. Poor little martyr.

I can't stop laughing.