1. Last night Ernie and I were muttering about what to fix for dinner.  Owen started reminiscing about a particularly good roast chicken and potatoes I had made once. Then he offered to go to the store and buy what we needed. Ernie and I looked at each other in shock, "Good God, we have a 16 year old with a car; why aren't we making him run to the store for us all the time?" Ernie handed him some money and Owen puttered off in Cyril, calling to check a few times about what chicken to buy, how many potatoes to get, etc. When we pulled the chicken and potatoes out of the oven, and I started sauteing zucchini, Owen wandered into the kitchen with an acoustic guitar, serenading me with the Beatles' Blackbird, and Johnny Cash's Hurt (I gotta say…a surprising good version if I do say so myself), followed with an encore of Country Roads. He wouldn't let me take a picture of him, so I took one of the chicken instead.  Afterward, Ernie and I curled up and watched the Joan Jett movie. It was a lovely evening. I try not to take these moments for granted.


2. Poor Bob has begun to look like an alien, a big, fat, affectionate alien. I'm a bad cat parent as I can't even remember why the vet told me his eyes were looking that way, but they have gotten worse. Hattie's probably up next for a vet visit though. Ay yi yi. Whatever it is, it must have affected all his senses as he now seems to love me in addition to Ernie. Weird. Ernie comes first, of course.


3. Ernie said it's getting harder to find acorns to bring home to me, so on his walk the other day he brought me a red leaf.


4. Sometimes, when I look at our bookshelves, I love seeing what patterns the books have made. There's something about the random combinations that delight me.


Lots of music, along with roadside food, a bit of architecture, some fairy tales, and Samuel Johnson's dictionary.


Puritan love letters, my battered dictionary, Robertson Davies, more music, a great book about Maine, my beloved, and beat up, copy of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown's Learning from Las Vegas, and books by two loved ones that are gone: a book by friend Van Cagle, and a textbook by my sister.

Plans for the day: more iced tea, a doctor appointment, and getting ready for our 10-20-30 celebration. More to follow.



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