Wretched day yesterday. Truly wretched. I'm frustrated that I don't know what the future holds, and yet do I really think that we EVER know what the future holds? Of course not. It was just a disappointing day, and I feel more worn down than ever.

On a semi-brighter note, today I start a diet with the goal of healing my gut health and autoimmune symptoms. Get this: No wheat, no soy, no cashews, no dairy, no eggs, no chicken, no pork, and no alcohol. Who wants to have Thanksgiving with us? Woo-hooo. If it works, it will of course be well worth it. This should be for a couple of months, and then hopefully will be able to add those things back in. I also got the results of my lab work and the list of symptoms normally associated with the results. Some of these are hysterical. See if you can guess my new favorite phrase:

Fatigue and lack of vitality

Exercise intolerance

Diminished capacity to deal with stress

Mood imbalances and sleep disturbance

Lack of concentration and memory

Blood sugar regulation difficulties

Dermatitis and skin disorders

Inability to lose weight

Low energy

Cognitive decline

Generalized muscle aches

Increased oxidative stress and risk of chronic diseases

They pretty much hit the nail on the head. Check, check, check. And yes, you probably guessed it….exercise intolerance is my new favorite phrase. Heh! This will be an interesting process. I can have turkey however, so we will have Thanksgiving! Although God knows, you can certainly have Thanksgiving without it. This year however, I will take what I can get so I will celebrate turkey. 

I feel tired today. I figured yesterday was my last hurrah so I drank wine and ate chicken. Today…I start afresh. Just think, the poor Eggmaster will have to retire. 

Off for a drive to perk myself up.


And for a little perspective…