Last night was glorious. I met my friend Nancy for a drink at Huber's. I haven't really seen her since I left my job so it was great to catch up. When I got home Ernie started a fire in the fireplace. We sat and chatted, but eventually I got up and did my contribution to pancake night. I made the spicy chicken thighs. Coated in flour with lots of cayenne, chipotle and cumin, and fried in a bit of oil. I popped them in a low oven to warm and everyone else took over while I played a word game in front of the fire (Wordcrossy, please get rid of the Halloween pumpkins on the opening page). Leo made the pancakes, Owen set the table, and Ernie prepared my wondrous meal of a grass fed beef patty and leftover vegetables. It didn't matter that my dinner was less than stellar because the company was great. Once, after a long rant my Owen, Leo laughingly asked, "What is the origin of that dialect you are using Owen?" I wish I remembered the rest of the conversation because we were all almost weeping with laughter. After pancakes were finished the talk turned to Trump. Sigh. After talking about a couple of recent gaffes (Pleasure? Really?), we convinced them to come and watch the latest John Oliver episode. We crowded into the media room. It's so nice to have a boy sitting on either side of me. We all watched the whole episode and laughed and laughed. Heartbreaking stuff at the core, but still incredibly funny. They drifted off to their respective rooms and Ernie and I did some kitchen things, putting turkey broth into jars, etc.

It was a lovely night.



And then, when they realized I was taking a picture:


Thanksgiving eve. One of my favorite days.


Oh, and LOOK what Owen found in my Mother's sewing basket (which he has cleaned up and taken upstairs…she would be so tickled). Onward indeed!