Random notes, because my brain remains stuck in random mode. 

1. The other day, while it was gray and wet outside, Ernie and I curled up and watched The Post. Later, Ernie mentioned it to Leo, and when Leo said he didn't know what it was about, Ernie told him it was about releasing the Pentagon papers, and it was about the guy that discovered them and leaked them, and about the issues of whether the Washington Post should post them. It really struck me, because, although that is all true, that is not at ALL how I would have described it. I would have said it was about Katherine Graham and the challenges of taking over the paper from her husband, and father before that, in a world of men, and how she found her place in that world, despite their dismissal of her, and developed the strength to publish the papers. Funny, how Ernie and I, who are so incredibly in sync with each other, could read it so differently. Perspective, perspective, perspective. Regardless…we thought it was a great movie, despite one or two heavy handed moments (when Streep walked out of the court passed a long line of only women, who gazed at her admiringly). 

2. I'm still on the smoothie learning curve. Today's was so-so….blueberry/cherry/spinach with a bit of coconut milk. Eh. I'm looking forward to when I can expand fruits. Right now it's only blueberries, cherries, and granny smith apples (or goji berries, cranberries or elderberries). Overall, they're getting a bit better. Here's my breakfast view with the living room rearranged for winter and no house concerts…centered around the fireplace.


3. I dug out my old drive in slides to post on Instagram. Of course, some of the photos aren't great to begin with and I'm doing a cheap poor man's job of converting them, but it's nice to see their friendly faces. Somewhere I have another box of slides but no one seems to know where it is. I have my fingers crossed Owen will unearth it. For now though, these are giving me pleasure.

Late 1980's, who knows where:


4. It gives me utter delight that Owen and Duncan have fallen in love with Aaron Lee Tasjan. The night the band opened for Jason Ringenberg/Fats Kaplin and Kristi Rose, I asked the band to bring up all the chairs for us. So the four 16 year olds tromped up and down the stairs holding chairs over their heads at times, shouting the lyrics to Ready To Die. Sometimes small pleasures are shiveringly good.

5. Recently heard in our house: "Why is there engine oil in with these plates?" "Why are there guitar strings of the back of the toilet?" "Why is there toothpaste in the media room?" Anyone think there is a blonde common denominator here?

6. Ernie recently made himself a bowl of ramen, his favorite comfort food (well, after my curried oven fried chicken, but I'm not making that these days), and proclaimed it the foods of the lesser Gods. I love him. And speaking of love, the other day, Owen made a bowl for himself. I was trying to nudge him away as I wanted access to the only clear spot on our counter. He said, "Wait, wait, wait, there's one last touch," and he proceeded to sprinkle some Penzey's sweet curry powder on it. And white my heart didn't grow twelve sizes, I was inordinately proud.


7. Leo drove the whole family to lunch at Fries and Peanuts the other day in his car. I thought it was worth an attempt at documentation.


8. Off to the oncologist today to see if he can make sense of Ernie's leg.