1. This doesn't really make sense to me, but my sense of smell seems to be much stronger of late, since I started the elimination diet. Of course this leads me to complaining about the scented trash bags poor Ernie bought, but other things, like really smelling the sweet, woody scent of a parsnip peel are delightful. Anybody want to posit a theory?

2. I've always been a Christmas girl, but this year I am ALL about Christmas. Something about feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel, I suppose. It turns out is is DIFFICULT to schedule tree decorating when one has teenagers with jobs and finals. We're late this year but we have it planned for Tuesday. Right now, the tree just has lights, but I might put beads on it tonight. That is allowed.

3. Ernie and I have been doing lots of drives and wandering through the country of late. It makes me feel more like myself.


4. In Reintroduction World, things are moving along. The chocolate went ok, but I did get headaches and a stuffy nose after I ate it, so we're putting that in a wait and see category. The strawberries went fine, but I am sad to note that frozen strawberries just aren't that exciting. I still have to decide what to have the day after tomorrow. Should I chance a nightshade? Peppers or tomato? Another tough choice. Oh, or I could go with hemp seeds. I know, the decisions are intoxicating.


3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Where is that little school building located? I assume it was a school. PS found a dead garter snake curled up in the alley this afternoon. Don’t leave your house. Ever.
    Where is the little school house located? I assume that it was a school house. PS I found a dead garter snake curled up on the pavement today. Don’t leave your house. Ever.

  2. Ha!  I KNEW it!  And the guys try to convince me to use the back door in the winter!
    The building, I would guess school as well, was in Independence IN. That was about all there was, other thAn a general store in a newer building. 
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  3. I had a long dream about visiting you last night, Cynthia. As for why your smelling is more effective… you are healing. This is not a mystery. You are clearing out inflammation. That helps all of your systems work better. Imagine how you will be a year from now?