Well, here I am. Three weeks into my diet on the auto immune protocol with lots of nutritional supplements, four weeks into dropping the foods that I showed an autoimmune reaction to in my tests (eggs, dairy, pork, chicken, wheat, soy, and alcohol). Overall, I am feeling much more like myself. I have more energy, and I don't have as much dizziness, shakiness, and other symptoms that were frustrating me so terribly. I rearranged the living room the other day. I know, it might not seem like a big deal, but I haven't had the physical energy to do that in the past year or so, or the emotional energy to even think about it, or WANT to do it. I've been getting out of the house more as well, going on some drives, looking for my beloved little Pyrex fridgies, or signs and buildings to photograph. The only downside of that, is that the one silver lining to being so quiet and still was my back didn't hurt as much. I'm glad to have the pain back however, if it means I'm feeling better otherwise. 

Ernie deserves an award for being so supportive. Once in awhile he has something else to eat, but by and large is eating what I have for dinner (breakfast and lunch, we're all on our own…and the boys sort of eat on their own these days). Last night was wild caught frozen 'ground' salmon mixed in with a ton of cabbage, with zucchini, with cumin seed (even though I can't have most seeds, I can have cumin and curry…don't know why but I am grateful) and turmeric. It was damn tasty. 

I meet with the doctor this coming week, and I am HOPING that a few foods get added back in. The diet is restrictive, and let's face it, can get kind of dull no matter how you work at it, but it's easier than it sounds really. It is pretty much impossible to go out to eat, although if I give up on the wild caught/organic for an evening I can do it. The other night at the Esquire I had the salmon salad, hold the onions and tomatoes, and I brought my own dressing. See? Doable once in awhile.

And, in other news, Bob seems to like me these days. I'm not questioning it.



  1. Yes, I know Bob does look like an alien because of his eyes.

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