We finally decorated the tree the other night. Well, about 2/3 of the ornaments are on. We never manage to get them all on at one time. The boys flipped a coin, and Owen won, so the angel is on the top of the tree instead of the star. Leo gets the star on top next year. It was pretty much a perfect evening….a fire in the fireplace and Vince Guaraldi playing. Leo brought his train ornaments downstairs and put them on. And he pointed out that as I unwrap ornaments I say, "Ohhhh, this is a nice one," about 50% of the time. He's right of course….and I tell them where they came from…. "Oh, this is from the first batch of ornaments we ever bought together—at Lord & Taylor. The little pale blue heart screams 1980s." "Ohhhh, this is one of the ones that my mom and her roommate bought when they lived together in Boston, before she met Grandpa." "Ohhhhh, I think this one was Aunt Judi's." "Ohhhhh, I remember….I found two of these in the antique shop where Radio Maria is now, and gave them to Grandpa for Christmas one year. He loved them!" It probably gets old but I can't help myself. They of course make fun of how many Aunt Holly and Uncle Mistletoe ornaments we have. We have more Aunt Holly than Uncle Mistletoe….we lost of a few of him in some of our great tree collapses over the years. Women are much tougher you know….


Owen at long last consented to let his childhood Michael Jackson ornament go on the tree. He'd vetoed it for a number of years, but it seems wrong to veto a Christmas ornament….so on he went. I proudly placed my Marty Stuart Christmas ornament on the tree. I posted a picture on Instagram, and somebody commented that they had one too, and it must be 25 years old. Good Lord…I suppose they are right.


In other Christmas notes, we went on another drive yesterday and found several amazing things. There are TWO Casey's in Gibson City, and TWO Casey's in Paxton. This blew my mind. More importantly however, both Paxton and Gibson City have big Christmas trees in the middle of their main intersection. I was utterly smitten, or as I kept yelling, "THIS is fucking BRILLIANT." I also said that about the planter that had been turned into a snow globe with the use of a clear umbrella and cotton balls. I have already made plans to go back after dark to see them lit up. Ernie just shook his head at me.

And, in the last, unfortunately distressing, bit of Christmas news…. I made a list of presents for the boys and I abbreviated items, in case the guys found it I guess. The problem is, that I can't remember what the abbreviation stands for for one of Owen's gifts. Anybody have an idea what Pp means? This is a problem as they're not getting many gifts this year. I thought it would come to me overnight, but nada. Sigh.




2 thoughts on “The Tree, and Other Christmas Notes

  1. Does Owen have a Personal Problem -and you saw something that might help?
    He wants Pickles and Peanuts?
    You’re going to Pull the Plug on him?
    You found a way to give him Power Points –I don’t even know what that’s suppose to mean! ha. You’re going to help him with a power point presentation (of course that would be PPP…)?
    Just trying to be helpful!
    I’m sure your tree is lovely–it always is!
    I’m envious of the drives you & Ernie take…I wanna go with! (thanks for sharing the photos, it does feel like we’re along for the ride…)