My poor Owen just came home sick from school. Poor sweet pea. Leo, on the other hand, headed off to his first day of the new semester yesterday, and got rear ended. Poor sweet pea. His first entry into the world of insurance companies. He is fine, fortunately.

Ernie and I? We're ok. We get a new water meter from the water company tomorrow….good lord, life can be exciting. But, on Thursday I have a doctor appointment in Bloomington and then we will head off for a wander in honor of the anniversary of the day we met. Man, I wish cameras had been as plentiful back then…or perhaps it's just as well. Although I was damn cute and there is little documentation of it….again, perhaps it's better than having the cold light of reality destroy my fond memories.

A week or so ago, as we wandered the Quad Cities for a bit, we came across this vanquished windmill building. Originally a gas station I would assume. Poor sweet pea.


Later, as we rounded the curve into Industry, Illinois, we spotted another windmill building. 


A tiny bit of research says this used to be the Old Mill Tourist Camp, started in 1927, by Ralph Swearingen. Here's what it used to look like.  A few links below as well.


Old Gas Station--Windmill


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