1. I took a good ten years off my life this morning, trying to get tickets for the Mott the Hoople reunion. There has GOT to be a better way! It took forever, but I finally got two tickets for the Chicago Theatre. They're not great seats, but really….it's Mott…what the hell does it matter? I tried to convince myself I couldn't afford to go, but I couldn't resist… It's Ian Hunter, Ariel Bender (Luther Grosvenor) and Morgan Fisher….as well as the amazing Rant Band. We had to do it, so we dusted off a credit card, and I'm tickled that we did.

Side note: How does Ian look SO good at 79 years old?

2. Yesterday, someone contacted me and said that while doing genealogy research they'd come across some letters written by my great uncle in the 1920's. He tracked me down and is sending them to me. How extraordinarily kind. Don't worry family—I will share when I get them!

3. Lunch today: Sweet potato, a spoonful or two of leftover quinoa (we tend to cook a big batch and then have it on hand in the refrigerator), on top of spinach and salad greens, just salt and olive oil on top.


4. It's funny how some buildings just call out to you. We were driving down the street in Evansville, Indiana, and we went by this old fire station. I said, "ohhh, ohhhh, OHHH," so Ernie knew he had to turn around. He pulled into the parking area of the new fire station just across the street and waited for me. I walked around it, taking a few pictures. At one point I stopped, and saw that a van had paused, not wanting to get into my shot. I smiled my thanks, and he leaned out the window, and said, "Your name isn't Sue, is it?" I nodded no, and we both shrugged our shoulders and smiled. Those little interactions can be so nice. Comforting somehow.

I loved this building, with it's little street sign, and horns on the corner still, beautiful cornice, and practically a nest of wires around it.


5. And last, but not least, some nice old curb and steps.

oh, and another side note: if you like things like this, I hope you have stopped to admire the old limestone sidewalk on Market Street downtown. It's in front of two of my favorite buildings in downtown Champaign.

IMG_3563 3