In terms of eating, I'm pretty proud of myself. Following this protocol has been really good for me and not SUPER hard, but some times are easier than others. The holiday were hard but I felt lousy when I cheated so it was a good lesson. The other thing that is hard? Traveling. I suppose if I did it more I would get a routine down, but our little trip was pretty spur of the moment. 

Last night we got home a bit before 6:00 pm and we were bone tired. We basically drove from about 8:30 am non stop, just hopping out whenever there was something to take a picture of (a lot). It was fun and doesn't seem like it should be so tiring, but it can be after a few days. If ever there was a night I wanted to order a gluten free pizza or something like that….I was VICTORIOUS because I actually cooked a good dinner for us. I did it pretty early because I knew if I sat down and relaxed it would be all over. 

I had some Brussels sprouts in the refrigerator so I put water on to quickly boil them, drained them, salt and pepper and a dash of the nice olive oil Owen brought me from Eataly on his recent trip to Chicago. After eating Brussels sprouts roasted and fried and slivered and this and that, I'm enjoying them prepared the old fashioned way again—as long as you don't overcook. I pulled out some leftover plain cooked quinoa from the refrigerator as well. I put it in a hot pan with avocado oil and let it go until it was just toasted a bit, then I threw in about half a container of baby greens and let them wilt. I set that aside as well, wiped out the pan and thanked the salmon for not going bad while we were gone. I dried off the skin side (otherwise it won't crisp up) and put in a cast iron skillet with some oil. It was wild caught from Alaska (from Schnucks and it was fantastic) and so can dry out a lot faster than the farm raised. Once the skin was starting to crisp I turned it over, turned off the heat, covered it, and let it sit for about ten minutes. By then I had collapsed so Ernie kindly served since I had cooked. It was SO good. Ernie and I both said we felt better after eating…and I was just so damned proud of myself for doing it.



Traveling is hard. Breakfast anywhere is pretty much out, as I can't have eggs, potatoes (except sweet potatoes), grains, etc, and any smoothie generally has fruit I can't have and too much sweetness. I really look forward to being able to hopefully have eggs again as it's impossible for me to get a diner breakfast…and there was a place or two that I would have liked to try. The first morning Ernie and I split a sweet potato in the hotel room as I had stuffed two cooked sweet potatoes in my purse before we left. Lunch and dinner is a bit easier as I can get a salad and add salmon or beef. The first night we got take out and I had a burger and side salad which I combined. Was the burger grass fed? No, but it was good. The hotel restaurant was pricy and may have had grass fed beef, but I can barely afford to buy it to eat at home, much less in a restaurant. The next day we had lunch in Davenport and found a place by the river that was a brewery and had BBQ. This worked out well as I was able to order a baked sweet potato and Brussels sprouts. The sprouts were great—slivered with carrot and garlic. I went ahead with the garlic and man, after not eating it for so long, it tasted great but overwhelmed me! Unfortunately, it didn't really agree with me, so I guess I have to accept that if I want to eat garlic I will pay the price. Sometimes worth it, most often not. I saved half my sweet potato (are you seeing a theme here) and at dinner I got a simple kale and spinach salad to take back to our room, and I just added the sweet potato. The next morning (we got a great rate….a Sunday in January is good for some things….at a Hyatt Place) they had a nice breakfast spread but of course I couldn't eat a thing. I'm not supposed to have melon..can't have eggs…. I snagged a Granny Smith apple. We thought about stopping for lunch but no place looked great so I pulled out the last sweet potato and ate that for lunch as we drove. As I said when I finished, "All Hail the Great Sweet Potato."

Not perfect, but pretty damn good. 

Well, I must admit, I did cheat and have a little wine to be completely honest. And I tried to bring some of my supplements but I got all confused and didn't have them all. Still. Not perfect but pretty damn good still stands I think.

This morning I relished my smoothie. Who would have ever thunk it? Frozen blueberries, lots of spinach, a bit of coconut butter and half an avocado.

The trip did me good (see other posts for what we saw). It was a splurge but it was our Christmas gift to each other and worth every penny….now back to real life, but feeling stronger.