Morning smoothie ingredients. Blackberries from Farmer Greg's Claybank Farms.


I got up early because Ernie had an early doctor's appointment. Got there and sat in the room and watched the doctor do an exam and thought about how sick to death I am of doctor appointments. We liked the doctor though and Ernie is set up for a couple of procedures that should help his ongoing pain and discomfort. For some reason it took forever to get everything scheduled. We didn't mind we just sat there bored and I looked at my Instagram. Doctor appointments have just somehow become everyday background of life things. It's odd. I can't articulate it exactly.


On the way home we saw they're taking down that terrible cladding on the old Stevick Center, and uncovering some of the building. So nice to see!

We went home to check on Owen who has been horribly sick all week. In the middle of the night I'd heard him coughing and almost crying from feeling so terrible. When it woke me up I flew out of bed to run to his room just as though he was a sick infant. It was the funniest thing…it brought back those times so vividly. I realized he was in the bathroom so I stood there helplessly until he came out and I could hug him. Ernie brought him to the doctor, although God knows what that will cost us. Infections in both ears, viral conjuctivitus, etc. He is just a sick little puppy. I think he felt better after the doctor—just being acknowledged…and everyone was nice and nobody seemed to mind him calling them dude…evidently there was a lot of laughter. Geez Owen. Damn I love him.

I've had a lighter case of what he's had so I had been down for much the week as well…so was antsy to get out of the house. Owen felt good enough that he wanted us to get out of the house as well, so we obeyed. We ran an errand or two and then drove in the country a bit. Stopped an antique show and looked around. When we came out the light had changed and I realized the picture I was planning to take of the old building across the street wouldn't work. Damn it. We drove on.


We stopped at Fries and Peanuts and ran into friends and chatted. We made our way home and the guys all ate take out (oh well), but I threw together a salad and cooked a little salmon (lettuce, kale, avocado, walnuts, coconut, purple cabbage, quinoa, salmon, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon). We curled up and ate and watched tv and relaxed. Even though it was a quiet week, it felt like Friday and I was relieved that Owen seemed a bit better.


Ernie, who gets up way earlier than me, headed off to bed and I watched tv by myself, which is unusual so felt pleasantly decadent, and chatted to Bob and Hattie. A good day.