I eat a lot of fish these days. It can get expensive though, so I tend to buy a lot of frozen fish at Aldi's because much of it is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (yay!). We restrict ourselves to that and manage to have cod, salmon, tuna, and scallops. However, once in awhile we splurge and get the Faroe Islands salmon…usually at Harvest Market, although other places, like Old Time Meat and Deli, also carry it. The Faroe Islands salmon is sustainably raised and has a luscious mouth feel (ok, it's probably fat) that the wild caught salmon doesn't have. We made some last night and it felt like the most luxurious dinner, even though it was really simple.


I made a marinade of coconut aminos (because I'm not eating gluten…you could use soy), fish sauce, sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. No recipe, just dollops of each. You can't really go wrong with those ingredients. If I could eat garlic I would have of course included that. I could have thrown in some red pepper flakes too…just didn't think about it. I chopped up some fresh ginger, added it to the marinade, and poured it all over the fish. I turned the fish flesh side down in the marinade, and let it sit about half an hour. You could let it go longer but I didn't want the acids to change the texture of the fish, and beside…I was hungry. I chopped up some bok choy and sauteed it just a bit in some olive oil. Then we threw some sweet potato in salting water and set it to simmer. We managed to cook them to death as we were watching an episode of Shrill on Hulu (YES) so they were most definitely mashed. Often times I will add hot sauce and lime juice to them, but we left them plain with just a bit of salt and they were heavenly.


I dried the salmon skin off and put it skin side down in a hot cast iron skillet. I turned the heat down, in theory to let it cook slowly so the fat in the skin would render, making it crispy. I misjudged the heat a bit and got anxious about the skin burning so managed to grab it with my beloved fish spatula and hurl it onto the plate. It ended up being a bit of a messy plate…for life of me I can't make plates look pretty, but DAMN it was good. SOOOO good. Yet again, simple flavors win.

I saved a little piece of it and had it for breakfast with my smoothie today, and it was just as luscious. It's amazing what good clean food can do for one's mood.



2 thoughts on “Good Food Good Mood

  1. A perfect dinner. I often want a sweet potato with salmon. I don’t think it’s the similar color. I just think they go together perfectly, and I always feel great after a meal like that. Your healing journey has been very inspiring to witness. I am glad you are feeling so much better. 🙂