We did some more wandering this week. Indiana and a smidgen of Ohio. The Casey's weren't plentiful, so we couldn't use that as our marker. We did pass four Confederate flags however, so that's a marker of sorts when you're driving through small towns. I feel as though I am seeing something I need to see as we drive through all these little towns. I can't quite articulate it. We pass lots of Trump signs and you can smell the alienation that seems to have ended us up where we are. I still can't fathom the connection that took us from that alienation to Trump, but the alienation I begin to understand. We also come across a lot of POW flags…sometimes in empty storefronts. There's something to be learned from these drives. I don't know what I will do with it but I feel it.

One thing I WILL be doing is exhibiting some of my roadside photos during the Boneyard Arts Festival, at 25 O'Clock. One of the owners, our beloved friend Tom, kindly offered space there for me. I am excited, and nervous, of course. I'm only going to show current photos…for some reason I feel strongly that they all be current glimpses of what is around us. I'll post more info as we get closer, but it's the weekend of April 5-7.


2 thoughts on “Musings and News

  1. When we went to the raccoon dinner in Danville, OH back in February, we saw only one MAGA cap among the 300+ attendees. I imagined this conversation between the old man and his wife:
    Man: Where’s my OSU cap?
    Wife: Where’d you leave it?
    Man: i dunno. Probably at the diner. Guess I’ll wear my Trump cap.
    Wife: Don’t wear that disgusting old thing. Why don’t you wear that nice cap I got you with the trout on it?
    Man: ‘Cause it’s purple, that’s why. If I can’t wear my Trump hat, I’m not going.
    Wife: You hafta go. You gotta drive. t’s raining and we bought tickets. OK, wear your Trump cap, you stubborn old fool.

  2. Do you have a lens that corrects for parallax or do you do that in the computer? That first shot is superb! I’ve long thought that you should put together some sort of collection of your photos outside of the blog, and an exhibit during the festival sounds like a great way to start. I enjoy seeing the small town images and reading your musings. Best wishes for whatever the future holds!