Although I am sometimes roundly mocked for this, I like winter. I love snow. I like cold. I like the change your senses go through in the winter. However, even I am ready for Spring. I have seen the peonies poking their little pink noses up through the dirt; my allium are waving hello too, and I am ready for them. When I looked at my dinner last night, even though it was wintery in some ways, it was lighter and almost seemed to be looking ahead to Springier meals. And more importantly, good GOD it was good. Sometimes you get lucky. I had been delighted to find frozen cod at Aldi's that had the Marine Stewardship Council certification seal on the package, so we bought a big package and I pulled out two pieces and let them defrost. We had gotten a big batch of curly kale from Farmer Greg, so I gave pulled the greens off the stems, chopped them up roughly, and gave them a quick blanch. I put a dash of paprika (because my Maine grandmother always put paprika on her cod), some pink salt, and some pepper on the fish and sauteed it til done. I put the kale on the plate and sprinkled it with flax seed and a bit of olive oil. The flax seed gives it a nice quiet nuttiness I find. Then I made a simple salad of sliced Cara Cara oranges and avocado. It. Was. Glorious. The sweet citrus with the nutty kale, rich avocado, and the clean, simple cod. I think we've been eating pretty well of late, but this was a BIG winner! And my grandma was right…the paprika made it better.