Thanks to everybody that came by to see my photos at 25 O'Clock during the Boneyard Arts Festival. It felt like a big step for me. My friend Ann laughed at me for being so nervous, as did a few others, but for all that I throw a lot of my life out for the world to see, that is done with no claims. It is merely a documentation. Doing this made me feel as though I was saying I was aspiring to claim to be an artist, and that was a big moat to jump over for me. Loving thanks to Ella, Tom, Ceal, Roger, Ann, and everybody else who helped me, as well as to folks that came out to chat, all my good friends and others I don't know as well. I was touched. I know it's good to do things out of your comfort zone, and this one was. Combined with the car accident, the Mott show, and a few other things, it felt like a hell of a week. I am still processing it in many ways.

Oh, and the reason that this picture is fuzzy is that I hadn't realized I'd switched off autofocus. Oops. Nothing but real life here.


In other news, don't go to Aldi's on a Tuesday around 3:00. It was overwhelming and I got pinned by the avocados for quite some time. Here is dinner prep, with said avocados, salmon, and the result.


And below, if, you are wondering, is a Le Creuset pot full of burned chickpeas. Whoops. #cookingfail


Oh, and here you go!