We had our dear friends Roger and Ceal over for dinner last night. They are lovely, lovely people and had been really kind, supportive, and HELPFUL with my photos during the Boneyard (which are still up at 25 O'Clock for the time being) so we'd wanted to have them over as a thank you. Since I planned dinner when it was snowing the night before, it was kind of a cold weather meal; grass-fed beef pot roast, mashed sweet potatoes, and a salad. Strawberries for dessert. 


I'd bought a couple of gorgeous Japanese sweet potatoes at Green Top Grocery in Bloomington last week. I cooked those and mashed them with one regular sweet potato. I love both kinds of potatoes. The Japanese ones have purple skin and a creamy, denser interior, but have a cleaner taste to me. The regular sweet potatoes we buy have a warmer, softer taste, but the combination was delightful, especially with some 'gravy' I made from reducing the cooking broth of the pot roast. After all that we needed a nice springy salad, so I used some spring greens, avocado, and the delightful sprouts and edible flowers I'd bought, also at Green Top, from Eminence Farms. Utterly wonderful.

And we talked and we laughed and we talked and we laughed. Owen's band came over so he left to go downstairs to practice with them. We talked for a bit more before Roger and Ceal left. We even cleaned up more than we usually do. It was a good evening. I am so grateful for my friends.



And lastly, ever since buying the beautiful microgreens and flowers from Eminence Farms, I have had the who's Eminence Front in my head. Oh, the circles of life, huh?