So, I'm sitting here, with my laptop, making a list of locations so I can label my photographs for this weekend's show at 25 O'Clock, and I hear the sound of water trickling. I look around, trying to figure out where it's coming from, when I suddenly see Hattie's little head sticking out of the fireplace screen. She's peeing in the fireplace.


And the day begins.

A busy, somewhat stressful week starts as well. It's not all bad stress, some of it is good, and it includes going to see my beloved Ian Hunter in Chicago, so I certainly can't complain, but just the same…I didn't need to start it off with cat pee. I won't even go into the story about the laying down on cat poop in our bed the other night, OR the story of Hattie's burst anal gland. We're TRYING to get more food into Hattie as she's a frail little thing these days but the end result seems to be that Rascal and Bob and are becoming massive. And so it goes.

I've now labelled all my photographs and am sipping my blueberry-spinach-coconut-avocado smoothie while thinking about everything else I need to do today. 





2 thoughts on “Fireplace Angst and Mott

  1. Hey! I tagged you when the tix were for sale but i didn’t hear back so I thought you weren’t going. I love be there too if you want to at least meet up in the lobby or something? Xo