Feeling thoughtful and grateful today. Last night Jeff posted this Ian Hunter interview. Ernie and I couldn't take our eyes off Ian as we listened. So perfect.

Later in an email from Steve Lindstrom, he referred to the dinner we had before the Mott show as the "IAN DINNER (forever shall it be known!)" And the combination of those two things, the video from Jeff, and the email from Steve made me think yet again about the bonding that sharing music creates. The fact that the five of us sat and ate dinner together that night, Steve, Jeff, Debbie, Ernie and me, all of us laughing and practically talking in shorthand because we understood each other so well at that very moment, it makes me feel even closer to them that I already did before that night. It's a crazily strong thing, this sharing of experience. I imagine that the sharing of any art does that to a group, but for us, music happens to be the art that speaks to our hearts the most directly.  Today, I feel gloriously thankful for what music does for me, and what it does for my friendships.

Well, and for Ian of course. #ianhunterforever



The group, minus our beloved Steve Lindstrom.